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What if I buy the Studio Pak first and decide I want the Xtension Pak later to get all the profiles in the Über Pak? Wil l that cost me more than if I would’ve just bought the Über Pak to start with?

Yes. The price for the Studio Pak is $140, so is the price for the Xtension Pak, so combined you pay $280, compared to $240 if you would have bought the Über Pak.

If I modify an original MW RokPak profile, can I save my modified profile in my KPA?

Yes it is easy to save a modified profile. You have two options when storing a modified profile: 1) Save as a snapshot OR 2) Press the button to select “Store” > Save As (rename your modified profile to differentiate from the original MW-profile). **Be careful not to push STORE > Overwrite, as that will result in overwriting the original MW-profile.

Are there any profiles with Effects already in them?

None of the profiles have the Effects activated but some might have pre-selected Effects saved with the profiles. To access the internal Effects, turn them on by pressing the button located on the light green colored section on the front of the KPA labeled “Effects.” Toggle through the available Effects by pressing the four buttons located above the Effects button.

Can I use a bass profile for a guitar?

Yes. We use bass profiles with a guitar to have a guitar player track a bass track.

Can I use a guitar profile for a bass?

Yes, we do that all the time to give the bass more “weight” in the mix.

Is a D.I. track really the only thing I need to use the profiles?

The profiles can be used directly with a guitar to track or with a DI track that has already been recorded, for re-amping. Be sure to use the correct gear to match the impedance from your converter output to the KPA input. A great tool for this is the Creation Audio Labs MW-1 Studiotool (

Will the profiles sound exactly the same as they do online?

The profiles will sound slightly different, based on the player and what guitar and pickups are used. If you use a guitar similar to the guitar used to create each initial profile the sound will be very close. If you use the same guitar, they will sound the same.

Once the MWRokPak profiles are in my KPA, can I customize the profiles to my own liking for the song I’m working on?

Yes. The MW-profiles are profiled directly from each amp without any added internal Effects from the KPA. Each MW-profile has a different amp setting with a unique sound. You can easily apply all the built in Effects/EQ/Compression in the KPA after the profiles are in your KPA.

How do I load the Paks into my KPA?

Download the Pak(s) into the “Rigs” folder which is located inside the “Shared” folder on your USB stick. Next, insert the USB stick into your KPA. Under “External Storage” go to “Import/Export.” Next push the “Import” button. The KPA will only import the profiles that are not in your Profiler yet. The profiles are easily identified, because all of the MWRokPak profiles start with MW-[profile name].

Can I share my modified profiles with friends who also own a KPA?

We would ask you to please not share any of the MW-profiles. It took us a long time and a lot of work to come up with each and every special amp profile so you can have all of my amps in your studio. If you support us, we will come up with more cool profiles for you in the future, if they get stolen/shared, it will not be worth our time to create more MW-profiles.