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Not for individual sale. Available only as part of the Uber Pak.

The MW RokPak Studio Pak contains all of the essential amps at WireWorld Studio. Michael Wagener has built WireWorld Studio to his exact liking over the years, incorporating specific gear that assists him in recording and mixing guitars. In the Studio Pak, you will hear a variation of guitar profiles from Clean, Medium Distorted, and Distorted sounds. For each profile, we have utilized a specific guitar or bass and cabinet as well as Michael’s favorite microphone(s) and mic pre-amps that support the sound of the amplifier.

Each profile created has complimented the best possible sounds that each individual amp has to offer. We are excited to feature many great sounding amps Michael has found and used over the years.

With your Pak you will receive the Kemper Profiles, a link to detailed pictures of settings for some of the amps, info about guitars, amps, cabs, mics and mic-pres used, and sound samples of each profile.

The following amps were profiled specifically for the Studio Pak. Here is a list of the amps that are included in this Pak:

Profile NameSeeking to re-create the sound of:
ADAMP-1 - MW Original ADA MP-1 w/ Furman PQ3

MP-1 - MW Original ADA MP-1 (No EQ)
EgnaterArmageddon - 3 Channel 100/60W Head
EgnaterTour Master 4100 - 4 Channel 100W/50W/25W Head
EgnaterTweaker - 15W Head
Angel AmpEngl E660 - Savage Special Edition
Eddie S1S0EVH 5150 III - 100W Head
Friender AmpFender Twin
Industrial AmpsRock 120 - 120W Head
Brit AmpMarshall JMP 2203
Metropoulos69 100 Lead - Metropoulos 12000 Series
SplawnQuick Rod - 100W Head
Stramp2100A - 125W Head
Voodoo AmpsV-Plex 100
Stramp4120 - Combo
MTS (Egnater) B Man - based on Fender Bassman
MTS (Egnater) EG5 -based on TOL amps
MTS (Egnater) Erect -based on Mesa Dual Rectifier
MTS (Egnater) SL2 - based on Marshall
MTS (Egnater) TD - based on Fender Twin/Deluxe
MTS (Friedman)Top Boost - based on VOX
MTS (Jaded Faith)59RR - based on Randy Rhoads Marshall
MTS (Pete Turley)Ecstasy - based on Bogner Ecstasy
MTS (Pete Turley)Plexi - based on Marshall Plexi
MTS (Randall)1086 - Dan Donegan signature series
MTS (Randall)Blackface - based on Fender Twin
MTS (Randall)Brown - based on EVH Marshall
MTS (Randall)Deluxe - based on Fender Deluxe
MTS (Randall)JTM - based on Marshall JTM
MTS (Randall)KH-2 - Kirk Hammett signature series
MTS (Randall)Plexi - based on Marshall Plexi
MTS (Randall)SL+ - based on Marshall Super Lead
MTS (Randall)Top Boost - based on VOX TopBoost
MTS (Randall)Tweed - based on Fender Tweed
MTS (Randall)Ultra - Randall HiGain module
MTS (Randall)XTC - based on Bogner Ecstasy
MTS (Salvation)Duoplex - based on 1959 Marshall Plexi
MTS (Salvation)Mandarine - based on Orange Head
MTS (Salvation)MWATT - based on Hiwatt amp
Citrus AmpOrange - AD200 Bass MK3
RandallRBA 500 - 300W Solid State Amp
MWRokPak - Studio Pak - 103 Profiles TOTAL
All company and product names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

MW RokPak reserves the right to make changes and or updates to the RokPaks and it contents without notice. All sales are final.