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Not for individual sale. Available only as part of the Uber Pak.

The MW RokPak Xtension Pak makes up the difference of what the Über Pak has that the Studio Pak does not. In the Xtension Pak you will hear a variation of guitar profiles from Clean, Medium Distorted, and Distorted sounds, much like the Studio Pak, except these profiles are a little more unique. For each profile, we have utilized a specific guitar or bass and cabinet as well as Michael’s favorite microphone(s) and mic pre-amps that support the sound of the amplifier.

Each profile created has complimented the best possible sounds that each individual amp has to offer. We are excited to feature many great sounding amps Michael has found and used over the years.

With your Pak you will receive the Kemper Profiles, detailed pictures of amp settings, a PDF with info about guitars, amps, cabs, mics and mic-pres used, and sound samples of each profile. All sales are final, and no refunds will be given.

The following amps were profiled specifically for the Xtension Pak. Here is a list of the amps that are included in this Pak:

Profile NameSeeking to re-create the sound of:
BladesFirebolt - 50W Head
EgnaterRebel-20 - 20W Head
EgnaterRebel-30 - 30W Head
Angel AmpEngl Screamer 50 - 50W Head
Friender AmpFender - Band Master
Friender AmpFender - Deluxe
Groove TubesStudio Series - 30W GrooveTubes Head
Metropoulos67 Super Bass - Metropoulos 10000 Series
River AmpRivera - TBR-1SL
Yamama AmpYamaha - T50
MTS (Egnater)Cod - based on Dumble overdrive
MTS (Egnater)EG 3/4 - based on TOL amps
MTS (Egnater)SL - based on Marshall Super Lead
MTS (Egnater)SLX2 - based on Marshall
MTS (Egnater)VX - based on VOX AC30
MTS (Friedman)Plexi - based on Marshall Plexi
MTS (Friedman)Tread Plate - based on Mesa Dual Rectifier
MTS (Friedman)XTC - based on Bogner Ecstasy
MTS (Jaded Faith)OD Special - based on Dumble overdrive
MTS (Pete Turley)Recto - based on Mesa Boogie Rectifier
MTS (Pete Turley)SL + - based on Marshall Super Lead
MTS (Randall)Brahma - George Lynch signature series
MTS (Randall)Grail - George Lynch signature series (Mesa)
MTS (Randall)KH-1 - Kirk Hammett signature series
MTS (Randall)KH-3 - Kirk Hammett signature series
MTS (Randall)Mr. Scary - George Lynch signature series
MTS (Randall)Super V - based on Vox AC30
MTS (Randall)Ultra Lead - based on Marshall
MTS (Salvation)Mamba - based on Framus Cobra
MTS (Salvation)Marsh-all + - emulates 4 different Marshall models
MTS (Salvation)Supra Bold - based on Fender Supro
MTS (Salvation)Wagener - Michael Wagener SE - based on Soldano
MTS (Salvation)Wagener GT - based on Splawn QR
Splawn/BognerCombo of Splawn QR / MTS PT Ecstasy
Mamba/MWATTCombo of MTS SAL Mamba / MTS MWATT
MTS Wagener/Super VCombo of MTS SAL Wagener / RAN SuperV
MTS Supra/KH-1Combo of MTS SAL Supra / RAN KH-1
Splawn/V-PlexCombo of Splawn QR / Voodoo V-Plex
TECE AmpT.C. Electronics BG250
Tracy E. AmpTrace Elliot Bass Amp
Ampage AmpAmpeg - V9
ShawBass Pre ("SO'S") Bass Pre and Power Amp with 8x10 Cab
Brit AmpMarshall 77 Super Bass
MWRokPak - Xtension Pak - 101 Profiles TOTAL
All company and product names mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

MW RokPak reserves the right to make changes and or updates to the RokPaks and it contents without notice. All sales are final.